Need Privacy
with a


College Student Driving Sick

Rather Stay Home

and See a Doctor?

Too Sick to Move

Going to Miss Class and Need a

Doctor's Note?

Exhausted and Tired College Student

Student Health Clinic closed and

you need to see a doctor?

Campus Rx has a Plan
for Busy Students Like You! Campus Rx works with Telehealth Professionals to ensure
the best doctor experience possible for you.

Register with
Campus Rx

Simply register with Campus Rx then check your email for further instructions. We will get you on your way to feeling better quickly.

Talk to a

You can either call Member Services or log in to your member portal to schedule a consultation.

It’s Totally

We understand that with the rising costs of healthcare, doctor’s office, urgent care clinics and Emergency Room visits can be very expensive.  While Campus Rx is not offering health insurance, access to this amazing service is both affordable and convenient.


The benefit of telemedicine follows you if you relocate or are out of town on vacation or work trip.

Get It Before You Need It!